Monday, August 22, 2011

MG Zeta Gundams on the workbench...

MG Zeta WIP Photo

I have finally found and borrowed a nice workbench from my sister yesterday! I am having a hard time focusing on my builds as I am only working on small foldable tables as of late since the renovation of my house. However I managed to convince my sister that I badly need her table.

Anyways, more decals were added to the blue MG Zeta and I also managed to snapfit the White Unicorn MG Zeta. Notice the big yellow decals on the blue Zeta? well I've added more since the last update... will just need to flat coat the guy, detail paint the details and it's done. Although the deadline for the blue MG Zeta is still on October.

I am almost done snap fitting the White Unicorn Zeta, only the arms and the backpack are left unassembled. I plan to do the custom base for the white Zeta these following days. I do not really know if I could work on these guys these week because of our party on Saturday, but will work on it sparingly as much as I can.

Sorry for wasting your click and time on this post, just wanted to show both clients that their MG Zetas are on the work bench. Thanks as always for dropping by! Til' next post guys! :)

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