Saturday, March 19, 2011

Turn A head painting - EPIC FAIL!

The painting of the Turn A was an absolute epic failure! I tried the Hairspray Technique to produce some nice effects and because I did not add salt on the corners, the overall paint chipping effect was too much. I basically came up with a totally rusted head.
As much as I want this to be heavily weathered, the results of the painting was way too much for the effect I was trying to achieve. I also added some cast iron textures before the painting. The texture won't be cast iron but I figured that because of the scale of the build, I do have to put more evident textures for the rust painting later.
You do not want rust over a silky smooth surface do you? I think the paint chipping failure and the cast iron texture will both give the head some interesting textures for the weathering later. I do not like to come up with a weathered build with rust over a smooth surface. Doing weathering on a smooth textureless surface would result to an unpainted BUT weathered look.
I then re-primed the kit and then eventually painted it flat black as the base color for the airbrushing soon.   I like using flat black as base color as the hard to reach crevices would remain black and I won't really need to bother painting them. Anyways here are more photos of the progress so far...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update! :)

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