Friday, March 18, 2011

Tamiya 1/6 Honda Magna 50 modeled by Rayloke

I saw this finished kit yesterday at ZeroGunz and was totally blown away with the finishing! The modeler of this Honda bike is Raymond Loke aka Rayloke. Rayloke is one of the site admins of ZeroGunz and he represented Malaysia at BAKUC 2008 finals at Hong Kong. I featured his MG Unicorn last time as I like the subtle effective mods that he did.

His recent build is his entry for the ZeroGunz Metallics versus Weathering GB and it is totally insane. This is the most wicked chrome finishing I have ever seen in my short modeling life! It is safe to say I could never achieve this any time soon. A humble modeler that never gives himself enough credit. I highly recommend you visit the forums for more photos of this wicked build.

I did not take more photos as I did not ask for Ray's permission though, so feel free to visit the link as ZeroGunz is pretty much open to all, No crappy security stuffs to keep you away from really good professional builds. Here is the link to Rayloke's recent masterpiece...
Tamiya 1/6 Honda Magna 50 modeled by Rayloke

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