Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MG Zeta White Unicorn Color commish inspiration

This is the very same photo that I showed to my client months ago and this will also serve as my main inspiration and reference for his MG Zeta White Unicorn that arrived today. I do need to practice my panel line scribing for this build, so maybe I might work with a side project first before tackling these kinds of mods.

I saw this kit a couple of years ago and it took me around 30 minutes to find the website. I thought of posting it here as it will be easier for me to search for it while working with the kit. I love how the modeler gave the kit simple but very effective modifications. The Zeta looks sharper and fiercer!

This should be a really fun project as the focus is to have effective mods and clean finishing. My build will have a similar base with my Perfect Grade Zeta, although it will be smaller as the client just wants it small and shipping friendly.

Honestly I am kinda surprised myself as to why I am this excited with this build even if I am still working with the same kit right now. Anyways, looking forward to tackling this build very much! Thanks for dropping by! Til' next update guys! :)

BTW, here is the link of where I got this spectacular photo of this Zeta White Unicorn...
Z3 Gundam ver Green at Gundam EFSF and here is another link...
Z3 Gundam ver Green at Gundam EFSF II

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