Thursday, March 10, 2011

Details, Mods and Details and Mods for Gunpla!

My MG Zeta commish wants a bit more details on his kit so I thought of revisiting some of my most detailed builds I have done so far. The BFG is good for painting already, the hangar diorama is ready for weathering but the Zeta itself will have another round of detailing session this weekend. Thus I thought putting this up will help me rediscover my old super detailing ways.

I also get a few emails asking me on what modifications would fit certain kits. " Aside from pla plating, what techniques could I do to my kit??? " These sorts of questions pops up in my email once in a while, I usually tell them that they could add holes or scribe panel lines... Anyways, I think putting up this post will help me answer those inquiries easier by just giving them the link to here.

This post is basically a compilation of a few photos of my most detailed builds so far. It is a bit unfortunate that my really old 2008 and 2009 builds like the Kampfer, Hi Nu and the Guncanon does not have WIP photos. I enjoyed hunting these old photos in my Photobucket account, hope you like these old WIP photos as well, here they are...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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