Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MG Zeta White Unicorn Color commish has arrived!

Woot! The limited edition MG Zeta White Unicorn Color has arrived in my doorstep earlier today. I had to pay for the custom tax of 1,918 Php though, but I am pretty excited to see this since I got my full payment ( including shipping ) last month ( I only ask for 50% downpayment though ). 

This will be my 3rd Zeta commission build and my 3rd international commish. This was shipped from the US and I was waiting for this since last week. I will work on this after my other MG Zeta commission work ( Aussie client ) around April.

The treatment on this build will be a little different from the first MG Zeta build. I have sent a photo to the client before as to how I plan to tackle this kit. I basically plan to give this less pla plating and more panel line scribing. Less pla plates does not mean less mods though as the client also like it detailed.

I was totally surprised when I saw the huge box upon getting home. I thought that the client will be sending me a snap fitted fully assembled kit. I was then totally surprised and excited when I saw that the kit is unassembled as I love snap fitting kits.

Shipping the kit to the Philippines is a bit more expensive than just giving me the money to purchase the kit here. The client had to buy the kit + ship the kit + pay my talent fee + pay the shipping back to the US... Unlike giving me the money to buy the kit + pay my talent fee + pay shipping back to the US. The latter saves the client from shipping cost and tax. 

Pretty happy we pushed through with this project though as this will be my last commission work ( local or international ) for the year. I have to focus on my face off with TOYMAKER come June or July. Anyways, here are some photos I took upon getting my hands on the box... I love the smell of stuffs from FedEX!

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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