Tuesday, February 1, 2011

G-SHOT - 2nd round elimination

I just finished casting my votes for the top entries of the 2nd round! My fellow judges Derringer and Gaijin Gunpla has also casted their votes in all five categories. Only Adam Sonar the creator of Gundam Australia Forums and Gundam Guy has not casted their votes, but for sure we will be announcing the winners by February 5 ( Saturday )!

We will then select the winners of each category from the top entries of round 1 and round 2. All 5 judges should agree on a winner from all the top entries from both rounds. This is a contest of both modeling and photography skills, thus the winner has the best kit with the best photo after all is said and done. Good luck again to all the participants!

It was an honor for me to have been a judge in this online " World Championships "! Lots of amazing, jaw dropping entries that made some of my builds look so amateur. We had the opportunity to judge almost 600 entries from almost 200 modelers from all over the world in the past few weeks. It was a daunting task to say the least but it was a very rewarding experience to have been part of this great event.

Saying that this contest was so inspiring is an understatement. Lots of little known new modelers with great potential and skills. Hope to see those guys a little bit more. Anyways, the winners should be announced at Gundam Guy very very soon, so stay tuned! :)
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