Sunday, January 23, 2011

TOYMAKER versus DC23 YouTube face off by Kamm


I could not thank Kenny Lim aka Toymaker enough for this opportunity to have this face off with him. As most of you know, Toymaker has been my constant inspiration in my builds since I started this hobby  back in 2008 and he remains to be my measuring stick on how much I need to improve and what to improve with my modification skills and my builds in general.  

Honestly, I was only thinking of myself when I asked Kenny if he would like to have a face off with me. I mean I think I need a boost, an inspiration and a sort of motivation to at least try to do another big project for year end. I think I need this so much as BMKWC cannot offer the same enthusiasm anymore, as they won't allow me to compete in the Open Professional category.

NOT competing in the Pro Open category means  0 chance of competing ever again in the World Championships. Thus I have a lot less motivation to pull off something big and special come November. However, with Toymaker's acceptance of my offer, I am and will be more inspired to at least try to come up with a descent rival to his masterpiece to be.

I am trying really hard not to sound overly enthusiastic here coz Kenny is a very humble master of his craft, thus he does not think highly of his skills or simply just do not want his greatness rubbed to his face as much. Simply put, this is definitely a young master versus an old student face off.

Hope you enjoy the video features of my good friend Jonathan Kaminski aka Kamm. I will sort out the playing field and the basic rules of this face off with Toymaker and will share it to you very very soon. Thanks again to Kenny Lim aka Toymaker and thank you for dropping by!

Til' next update guys! :)
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