Sunday, January 23, 2011

TOYMAKER versus DC23 The O II Face Off!

The title and the image above says it all... The TOYMAKER versus DC23 Face Off is all about our MG The O build. I figured in this post and this post that Kenny also plans to create The O II Hauer, so I then thought of asking him if he is by any chance interested in a build off. Kenny aka Toymaker graciously agreed!

So this is set guys, Toymaker and I will practically start our project exactly on the first day of June 2011. We should modify the MG The O kit into a The O II Hauer and finish at the end of November 2011. We will be posting the WIPs in the forums in a span of 6 months and so the battle begins very soon.

I am personally serious with this build but there are NO fancy rules or regulations so far, just a simple rule of not just modifying The O kit into whatever we fancy or just over detail it... we should basically modify the kit to make it look like the The O II Hauer version. Same base kit, same output, different style... this ought to be really interesting guys.

Thanks for dropping by! You could easily check updates about this Face Off by clicking on the versus banner on the right sidebar of this blog. Til' next post!
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