Saturday, January 1, 2011

POLL closed - highly detailed MGs are most impressive!

This poll is pretty special, to tell you the truth ( and it is a bit obvious anyways )... I just want to know how the general or should I say the handful of Gunpla enthusiasts ( who visits my blog ) think of what build impresses them the most. 138 people were gracious enough to find time and vote and here are my views on the results of my poll...

It was a virtual tie between a well done diorama and scratch building, and a tie between a highly detailed MG and 1/144 from the start of the poll a month ago. However for some reason the highly detailed MG won in the poll and the diorama won over scratch building.

As a 3 year old modeler, my views is totally opposite the results of this poll. I find highly detailed 1/144s ( Eday stuffs ONLY ) and scratch building more impressive than highly detailed MGs and dioramas. Why? coz I find it easier to build dioramas and far easier to detail MGs than 1/144s. Plus it is really difficult to handle those tiny 1/144 parts with my fat fingers.

Dioramas are basically " freestyle " scratch building... I mean, you could pile scraps of parts or apply sand and glue over styropor and voila! instant diorama. Scratch building armor parts on the other hand entails too much measuring, thus it ain't actually fun for a Fine Arts graduate like me.

Eday is a god in what he does, thus I find 1/144s a ton more impressive than detailed MGs. However detailed MGs when put beside a detailed ( non- Eday ) 1/144 looks far more impressive for casual fans and most modelers. MGs are more complicated to build and looks way bigger.

Weird that the PGs received so little votes in this poll. Maybe because people think that PGs looks detailed and good already... so why be impressed with something that already looks great ootb? However, I have done a couple of PG commission works already... and saying that it is at least 3 times harder to detail and mod a PG in comparison to a MG is simply an understatement.

Personally, I think the results of the poll pretty much sums up what judges or the general Gundam and Gunpla fans find more impressive during competitions ( specially BAKUC / BMKWC ). Not too belittle the capacity of judges or anything like that ( as they only have a few minutes to judge each entry )... but have we seen a 1/144 World Champion at BAKUC? Have we seen a diorama-less World Champion in BAKUC? Not really sure, but I don't think we have. But then again... Eday does not join BAKUC.

I guess we could use the results of this poll as our guide as to what to build to impress the most. OR just enjoy the hobby and keep on building what we enjoy the most whether it be a PG, 1/144s, dioramas, scratch building or MGs. I am so glad I love doing dioramas and highly detailed MGs... those are the top 2 winners of this poll anyways. hehehe

P.S. The result of the poll makes me itchy to do a diorama - less 1/144 kit for BMKWC 2011 just to defy the norm I guess... but then again, I just like enjoying this hobby, thus I would likely end up with a highly detailed MG in a huge diorama come year end again. hehehe

Thanks for dropping by guys! Happy New Year and Just enjoy the hobby as always! :)
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