Friday, January 28, 2011

Got my girl atlas - my hauls today!

I told you I want this girl badly. I finally got my hands on a Nobell Gundam, searched in 4 stores at Greenhills until finally getting a piece at Best Toys. I also almost bought a PG Wing Zero Custom but after reading bad reviews about it for the whole week, the price turned me off in the last minute. Bad reviews and almost 8,000 Php does not really go well together.

Instead of getting the PG I got the MG Wing Zero Custom ( 30 years packaging ) which has some clear parts which I never intend to use anyways. I'll be detailing the MG Wing Zero Custom for our 1/35 Resin project as a guide  for the sculptors of Halimaw sculptures. 

The MG WZC will be my second build, The first one was done way back early 2008 and was my 3rd MG build. I weathered and battle damaged it back in 2009, here is my first MG WZC now. I also got myself a 1/12 RX 78 2 Beam saber which is really cool! I will give the beam saber and the Nobell Gundam better photos soon.

Thanks for dropping by! See you at the MAC meetup tomorrow! :)

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