Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tieren Ground Type ver DC23 - Yellow Squad

I just finished my first completed kit of 2011. This is just a practice build and also my entry for the ZeroGunz Weathering versus Metallic GB. I thought of painting this one yellow as I plan to paint my MG The O build yellow with weathering come year end.

I experimented a bit here by doing two layers of paint chippings which are rust colored and silver. I thought the silver could be the fresh scratches acquired during battle or normal movement. Placement of the silver paint chips could be better but I like the result.

I could also have painted the 1/35 figure and the gray parts / accessories more diligently but after seeing the weathering I have achieved on the yellow parts, I kinda rushed the painting ( of the figure, weapons and cloth ) as I want to finish it already.

Overall, I could have added bigger paint chips with my 00 sized brush, but opted to flat coat and deemed it as finish. Although not much thought was put into building the kit, I really liked how it turned out and I am a bit confident now that I could apply this finishing on the bigger The O.

Notice that the tone of the yellow is a bit more orange? I sprayed using the RED future as topcoat, also sprayed a thin coat of clear red before top coating as I was not happy with the original tone of the yellow. I think the " professionals " call that " filtering " or something. lol

Summary: This build could be better in terms of modifications and painting of the accessories like the cloth and the gun. But I kinda achieved what I was aiming for basically. Learned a couple of techniques during the build which are doing weld effects and painting and weathering yellow. Both techniques are vital for my The O Face off with Toymaker, thus this small fella served it's purpose very much.

Now here are some photos of my 1/35 Tieren Ground Type >>> Yellow Squad

Thanks for dropping by guys! Tl' next finished kit! :)

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