Saturday, November 20, 2010

my TOP10 most damaged parts of a Mecha

Damage effects are as subtle as paint chips and dry brushing or could be as worst as slashed melted armor, dents or even exposed internals. This list could be a nice simple guide for new modelers who wants to try battle damage effects and some weathering on their kit.

I will be putting some damage effects on the armor parts of my PG MKII commission build, and I suddenly thought of another TOP10 that could be helpful for new modelers. I for one could use this as a guide to remind myself not to over damage or over weather the whole kit.

The list is just the most logical ( for me ) parts that would acquire the most damage after and during a battle. Actually I only plan to put subtle damage effects on the PG MKII and some paint chips on the areas in this list.

Again, this list could serve as a nice guide for the most subtle weathering effects like dry brushing and paint chips. You could concentrate on these areas and gradually tone down the weathering on the areas / parts that are not listed here. If you plan a more battle worn mecha, just simply disregard this list and dip your kit in enamel paint. hihihi

( 1 ) SHIELD
Not in the line art below but obviously the part of the kit that will acquire the most damage is the shield. If the mecha has a shield ( most cases in Gundams ), the mecha will be protecting its shoulder armors and the rest of the upper torso including the head. Thus those parts will have the less damage effects.

( 2 ) FOOT armors
This is the most weathered and most damaged part of the mecha I think. Gundam alloy theory aside... it will look a bit more realistic if we put enough damages and weathering on the foot parts. Even flying mechas like Gundam Wing needs to land on its foot right?

( 1 ) REAR skirt armor
A bit of damage here would look cool, just assume that even Gundams gets hit on the butt sometimes.

( 2 ) KNEE armors
Much like the foot armors, the knee armors specially for ground type and melee mechas would have considerable amount of damages and weathering.

( 2 ) FOREARMS and ELBOW armors
This is specially applicable for ground type and melee mechas as well. Same as army men, elbows and forearms are used in battle very much. You even hit enemies with your elbows in melee combat sometimes.
Note: if the mecha has a shield on it's left arm... very minimal damage should be applied in the said forearm ( left ).

much like the foot armors, the manipulators or hands should be heavily weathered and some damages like dents and scratches on the back of the hand should be very obvious.

The photo below shows a quick view on where to put the most weathering or damage effects in a kit. Gradually tone down the effects to the nearby parts and I think your kit will look extra cool.

As always, I do not claim expertise in the said topic. This is just a fun TOP10 list that I hope new modelers could find useful. If you are an expert modeler though, feel free to suggest or comment below... or better yet, create your own list. hihihi

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)
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