Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gundam Unicorn head display - snapfit

I got this as one of the prizes at BMKWC 2010 a few days back... Anyways I snap fitted it the day after and I loved it the instant I placed my hguc Unicorn Gundam on top. The funny thing is that it did not came with a manual nor a box, so it took me roughly 40 minutes to actually put this head together.

Maybe it was a test from Bandai if you really qualify as an expert modeler already. hihi... I never realized that putting together a simple kit like this without a manual could be a daunting task. However, once I finished it and placed the Unicorn Gundam on top... I totally loved it! This is actually my favorite in all my unpainted collection so far.

The articulation in the neck area is basic... it could move it's head from left to right and could look up and  down a bit also. The head itself feels a bit hollow though, I mean try to squeeze it with your fingers and it will feel like it will disassemble.

I do not have a point of comparison in terms of the detailing of the head coz I do not have a MG Unicorn Gundam. The great thing about this stand like all other stands is that I never realized how poseable the hguc Gundam Unicorn can be until I played with it while attached to the Gundam head.

This is great stuff from Bandai again! Looking forward to getting the hguc Sinanju with the Sinanju head display soon! Now here are a few more lousy snapshots of my Gundam Unicorn head display...

On a side note... I will be wet sanding my PG MKII soon and hope to prime and paint it this coming weekend. The PG MKII will be painted in Titan's color scheme btw.

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :)

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