Thursday, November 11, 2010

new BLOG features!

I did a few changes to my blog for the past few days... if you've noticed I have removed a few sidebar stuffs and have changed the look of the blog. The blog is still light but it has a black - white - red theme or look now. Most importantly I have removed the " linkwithin " widget as I find that my blog loads slower with it.

In order to compensate in a way for the loss of the linkwithin widget, the popular POSTs list on the left sidebar is now longer. I also try to put links of old content whenever I mention them in my new posts and lastly, I added 4 new stuffs on my right sidebar.

The 4 new sidebar links will be featuring some of my blog content old and new. Instead of adding another page or putting this inside my Extras page ( which I have removed )... I thought of simply adding the links here at my sidebar. The new links establishes and solidifies the new black & white & red look of my blog.

The newest feature of this blog is the " my TOP10 "... It is basically going to be a standard type of posts based solely on my unbiased ( joke ) opinion on anything that could have a top ten. From the TOP10 Gunpla, Gundams, Zeon MS or even TOP10 movies that I like. Just a fun post for everyone to enjoy.

The SPOTlight are basically the links to all the guest modelers that I have featured and will be featuring in this blog. Most of the previous features are from friends all over the world, though as I've said in my anniversary post I will be featuring MAC forumers and Filipino modelers a little bit more.

The snapFITS are links to all the kits that I have snap fitted since I started blogging. It's not even a review but you could consider it as one... a lame one that is. hihi. The ARTworks on the other hand, is a collection of my old and new drawings and wallpapers.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you like the new links! :)

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