Friday, November 5, 2010

BMKWC 2010 Philippines has started!

BMKWC entry of Jose Sabale aka Kisapmata

Rumors has it that there are 91 entries in this year's competition! So much kits for BMKWC ( formerly BAKUC ) and the number of entries should be a record. However back in 2008 in Bankee's midyear competition, there where 150 entries in the Senior category alone not including the expert category.

Their will be lots of entries from MAC, ZeroGunz and GMAC members come Saturday, I will be documenting all those entries by tomorrow. I will also be featuring some kits individually after BMKWC that are from exclusive MAC forum members. So let us see those photo shoots after the contest.

Goodluck to all the participants! See you tomorrow! :D
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