Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snow Hangar diorama WIP summary

This hangar diorama has so much multiple posts scattered in this blog, I decided to put up a simple summarized version of the build. The build looks simpler and easier in this post and it is a lot more fun to see the progress in a single entry.

Now lets get through the build swifly with some old photos and descriptions of the build...

First, I constructed a hill with some styropor glued together, got a yellow plastic crate as the base, used some pla plates for the walls and floor and used some extra plastic materials like balloon sticks, M&M canisters and some pvc pipes.

My kids helped me apply some paper mache over the styropor hill... 

I then applied my usual sand - glue over the hill and painted it with cheap acrylics ( reeves ) and some enamel washes...

I did some details on the Hangar walls using some koto parts and pla-plates... I also scribed some patterns on the hangar floor.

I then bought some 1/100 and 1/200 scale trees at an art shop ( Deovyr ) and placed them on top of the hill / mountain.

More railings and beams were added to the cat walks, at this point the diorama is getting a bit more expensive as more railings are added. 

I was running out of pla tubes and rods and I did not want to over - use balloon sticks for the dio, so I resorted to using lollipop sticks.

Succeeding photos shows how the diorama was detailed with more and more beams and railings. The diorama is already expensive at this point. :(

Decided to prime the dio as it was getting insanely expensive as I add railings and beams. I also added a better looking mountain side coz the original looks like a huge bread with molds on top.

Masked out the mountain side and painted the hangar with Bosny dark grey...

Added some snow effects all over the dio to blend the hangar with the mountain side...

More details will be added and some dirt effects also... will edit this post to add the link of the completed diorama soon. :)

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! :D

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