Sunday, September 5, 2010

1/144 hguc The-O - snapfit

Ello guys here is the snap fitted photos of my hguc The-O. This is my favorite Gunpla amongst my small collection as of now! I thought the color was yellowish tan but the plastic is actually a light lime green color, love it! It looks really bada$$ and I even like it more than my MG Sazabi and my MG Kampfer.

I will definitely get the MG The-O after falling in love with the design of this kit. I have reason to believe the MG is a ton more sturdier than the flimsy joints of the old MG Sazabi. The hguc The-O feels really solid and has surprisingly sturdier joints than the hguc Kshatriya or maybe because the weight distribution of this kit is simpler than the hguc Kshatriya.

I highly recommend this kit and at such a low price of 1,380 Php in comparison to the hguc Kshatriya at 2,500 Php... I personally would get 2 of the hguc The-O before getting a hguc Kshatriya. I am not saying that the hguc The-O is better than the Kshatriya, I just personally like the fat design so much, I won't hesitate to get another of this kit if I see one. Definitely my fav amongst all Gunpla I have built so far.

The hguc The-O even has a pseudo leg internal and the color separation of the parts is really good for a not so new hguc kit. The only obvious and visible seam line is along the shoulders and the head construction with a separate part for the pink mono-eye is pretty good! This kit is a must have in my opinion. Anyways, here are a ton photos of this cool looking fat mech...

Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post! XD
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