Friday, June 18, 2010

Bakuc poll closed! it's MG Sazabi for Bakuc 2010

Ello guys, I have this poll in the sidebar since around mid April and thanks a ton for all those who voted. The poll got 367 total votes and the results ended with the Kshatriya with 147 votes or 39.2% of the votes. MG Sinanju got to a close second place with 142 votes or 37.87% of the total votes.

I have all of the kits at hand except the PG 00 Raiser... but decided against it a long time ago, coz I want to create a big dio and creating one for the PG 00 Raiser will be too much, plus my wife will kill me. hehe

I eventually chose to use the MG Sazabi that I got a couple of days ago... I have been snap fitting the kit a couple of hours before office and I am almost done. Only the backpack manipulators and weapons are left unassembled.

I will take better comparison pics of the MG Sazabi, MG Sinanju and hguc Kshatriya later... but took a couple quick snapshots of the three. I basically chose the Saz over the Sinanju because it is bigger and has a gazillion of empty armor for mod ideas! love looks like a piece of canvass to me. hihi.

Anyways it is going to be MG Sazabi this year end and now, here are a couple of comparison pics and the poll results...

Thanks a ton for the votes! Til' next post! ;)
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