Saturday, June 19, 2010

Banpresto Gundam Turn A head display

I went to TOYCON 2010 earlier today with a couple of officemates around lunch time...but the people in line to enter the event was at least 300. Man the people in line was almost like a premiere of a movie! There were lots of cosplayers and people of all ages.

Anyways, after eating lunch we tried our luck and asked the personnel in the information counter if GMA employees have discounts? then the girl told us to just show our IDs and we could enter for free and we do not have to fall in line already. Wahoo! love my work and my company! hehehe

GMA Network is a major sponsor in Toycon 2010 ( I think ) thus the perk of entering the event for free! One of my officemates got a large Gokou Super Saiyan 12 inch figure, the other guy got an 18 inch Taro Ultraman figure and I got myself a Gundam Turn A head display and a LOTR Saruman statue ( yeap, I am a diehard LOTR fan ).

This Gundam Turn A head display I got is a bit different than what G-net did in the Ebasenet Gundam head dispay GB... I realized that after visiting their GB gallery. One, my Turn A head only lights up whenever a coin is placed over its slot on top of it. Yay...then after reading the box...Banpresto calls it Turn A Gundam electric light eye coin bank! yes I got myself a coin bank. lol

Anyways, I still like the head, even though it has a huge slot for coins on top... I love looking at it on top of my computer table... great stuff from Banpresto! plus, I got it for a reasonable price of 500 Php ( reasonable enough I think ).

Unfortunately I was not able to see the Mecha, figures and scale competition entries... I think it is in another room or area. Anyways, we just have a couple of hours to stay there and had to go back to the is just a " lunch break " afterall. hehe.

Do visit TOYCON 2010 at Megatrade hall 3 at SM Megamall, it is up until tomorrow - June 20. XD

Thanks for dropping by! til' next post! XD
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