Monday, April 25, 2011

Painting the 12" Kratos action figure

This will be the only WIP of my Kratos project as I am almost done. I just need to dry brush and paint some details with Citadel Boltgun metal and I am finished! I thought of posting this as I think anyone who might like to paint any of their action figures might find this post useful.

FIRST and only TIP: Always spray a thin coat of clear matte before painting( I used Bosney flat clear ). Giving the plastic toy a clear matte will remove the " plastic sheen " of the figure and will give the succeeding paints a nice flat surface to cling on other than the bare plastic. The clear matte is acting like your primer if you have no intentions of repainting the whole figure like me.

This project is very simple, my client / officemate  wanted me to paint all the dull gold parts of the action figure and create a custom base for the kit. As you can see in the next photo or in my previous post, The figure has a plastic sheen to it as usual. The painting of the Medusa head is awful and the gold rubber parts are too dull.

So, I created a custom base, repainted the gold parts, and will repaint the Medusa head later. After spraying flat coat all over the toy, I then painted the gold parts black, then bronze, then eventually gold. I also added some wounds to the figure using a soldering iron.

I then painted the blood with a RED Gundam marker. I used a toothpick to apply the red paint extracted from the marker... Annnnd that's it! Told yah, the only tip is to use a clear matte before painting.
Anyways, here are some photos of the painting of this action figure...

I painted the armors with Vallejo bronze before painting it with Citadel shining gold.

The last couple of photos shows the original action figure on the left and the finished repainted figure on the right. So aside from repainting the gold and silver parts and adding blood all over, I added nice tonal values on the Medusa head and the skin tone of the Kratos figure with Vallejo pigments. I simply brushed the pigments straight form the bottle and sealed it with a matte coat.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoyed this post! :)

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