Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's my BIRTHDAY today! :)

Happy Birthday Photo

I am actually still in the office when I did this post, but I am off to home once I press the publish button @ 12:01 am. My work shift is up to 12 midnight this month... yuck! If you could only do Gunpla or vinyl toys for a living, I'll leave this day / night job in seconds. Nah, my job is okay, but who actually loves their day job... day jobs is the main reason why HOBBIES are invented in the first place! hehehe

Anyways, it's my birthday today! 4 days before our huge MAC anniversary party! Now you know why I wanted the celebration moved from July 14 to August 27.And now you also know why I have 23 after my first name initials of DC.  Nothing special actually.

I am not really enthused on the idea of adding another number to an already big number. Adding another 1 to my age is actually not good rep for someone who still buys plastic robots and vinyl toys. I think the time will come when I would have to tell my son to buy me a new MG Zeta version 9 in the future.

Nothing much to celebrate here in the office... Thanks for dropping by! Til' next post guys! Again, happy birthday to me! yipee! LOL
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