Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hunting for PMX-003 The O

Ello guys, I've been hunting for this hguc kit for a week now...but I could not find the dang thing. The name of this kit is the the O, it's kinda funny to see the reactions of the sales guy in toy shops whenever I ask them if they have the " O ". hihi...

I really would love to get my hands on this kit and give it a steampunk rendition that I gave my green MG Dom. I plan to work on this after my AC White Glint build and that will be soon. If ever I don't find this kit after next week...I will need to settle with working with my 1/144 Tieren Ground Type.

My PG MKII commish will be on hold for a while, coz I feel the need and want to do a simple semi relax 1/144 build before working with the PG again to add to my personal collection. BTW, The O or PMX-003 The O is a huge and powerful mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam series and was piloted by Paptimus Scirocco. Spoiler Beware...

The most notable appearance of the O is when it fought the Zeta Gundam that was piloted by Kamille Bidan. Despite Paptimus' newtype powers and the strength of the O, he was defeated by Kamille by ramming the Zeta Gundam ( in waverider form ) in the O's cockpit, thus impaling Paptimus. However before Paptimus was totally defeated, Paptimus with the use of the bio sensor ( special feature of the O shared with the Zeta Gundam ) crippled Kamille Bidan's mind.

Thanks for dropping by! wish me luck on finding this kit...til' next post! ;)
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