Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Char Aznable BUST

This is roughly around 5 inches tall including the stand and the bust itself is around 3 inches. The figure is relatively big and I got it dirt cheap ( 100 Php ). There are two variations of this figure, the other one has a slightly different hand pose and has sunglasses on. I chose to get this instead coz I like the quality of the paint job on the eyes and the hand pose of this one is a bit better.

This is my fourth Char figure ( have not taken pics of the other 2 ) and I am kinda a Char fan...I would always grab a Char figure if there is any ( as long as it is cheap ). This is my fav amongst all of them, though the other two Char figs are prizes from Bakuc...this one is simply bigger and better. Now here are some pics I took today of the cool looking Char bust fig...

Thanks for dropping by! til' next post! ;)
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