Monday, May 17, 2010

more MSG koto parts from Hobbies Corner!

I just arrived from a 12 hour outdoor video shoot today and I am overly tired. I went to the office at 4 am and went back to the office at around 6 30 pm from the shoot ...Anyways, I was rewarded with a package I ordered from Hobbies Corner last week.

I have some 26 pieces of MSG koto parts, a couple of Samuel decal sheets, a couple of aurora sticker lenses, a couple of aurora stickers and a pack ( 2 pieces ) of battery holders ( free from HC ). I still have 15 pieces of MSG koto parts I ordered a while back... I just like the idea of having that much supplies at hand. hihi.

Again, thanks to Oldman ( ZeroGunz VIP member and owner of Hobbies Corner ) for the fast delivery as always, the nice shipping cost and the quality of the stuffs when it arrived. Anyways here are some lousy pics of my new supplies...

thanks for dropping by! til' next post! ;D
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