Sunday, May 16, 2010

CiBoy Gundam Destiny!

This will be my last CiBoy post for the day...This is basically my most prized ( not necessarily my fav ) CiBoy as of now coz it is a Gundam Destiny in CiBoy form! I really like the designs of these figs and how they incorporated various characters into CiBoy...they even have a Halo and Street Fighter version!

These figs are more adorable than SDs, I mean they are not really poseable ( except the head and arms ) but they are solid and worries of a breakage if they fall or something unlike SDs. These figs are so cute I replaced ALL my avatars in forums and even in my DC23 mech arts facebook page with a photo of a CiBoy ZZ. Now here are more pics of the CiBoy Gundam Destiny!

Thanks for dropping by! til next post! ;D
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