Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SD Guncannon generation F snapfit

I just finished snapfitting this kit ( in 30 minutes ) today and this is basically my warm up build before painting / weathering the AC White Glint. This is my 2nd SD Guncannon and the first one is the much older and smaller Generation 0 version, this one is the Generation F ver.

My wife saw me when I was taking the photos of both versions and she told me... " What the! you are starting to collect variations again!!! " hihi... Honestly I sort of made the mistake of buying the old SD Guncannon, but I kinda like the little guy.

 I was already married when I collected the LOTR figures a while back and I have 14 Frodos, 8 Legolas, 10 Aragorns and 6 Smeagols to say the least. hehehe...This days, having three kids already, my wife kinda reminds me of NOT collecting variations again coz she thinks it is a waste of money....I do have 5 Optimus primes and 4 Bumble Bees that I got last year though, imagine her face if ever I grab another Prime. hihi

Anyways here are some photos of the newer SD Generation F Guncannon and a couple of the old Generation 0 GC...

Thanks for dropping by! til' next post! ;D
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