Friday, April 2, 2010

1/20 Votoms Brutishdog verDC23

Ello guys, I finished this around 6 pm today and I have been taking photos and cleaning the photos in photoshop since then. The bad news is that while I was spraying the final flat coat on the Torso and waist area...the clip slipped and the parts fell roughly 3 feet above the ground. The left side skirt armor broke off from the waist and one of the antennae also broke. This made me skip detail painting the figure that is suppose to sit inside the cockpit ( though I painted it oledi ).

Anyways, I can't find the piece of plasttis that is holding the side skirt to the waist I figured to just let it be... besides, this is a hangar diorama. I then decided to remove the backpack and place both the backpack and the side skirt at the background...making it look like that it is under repair of some sort.

Another thing is that I enjoyed the photography style that I did with the hguc Geara Zulu. The lighting set up for the Geara is a two lights set up only, giving the subject lots of contrast and lots of shadows on one side...But I eventually played with the lighting of this one even more. I figured that a stylized moody lighting would make this kit look more interesting than taking photos of it as I would my other Gundams ( well lit - outdoor shot style ). Anyways here are some pics with the same two lights set up as the hguc Geara Zulu...

Ok those were the photos shot with the same two lights set up as the Geara can see that it is still high contrast and the shadows exaggerated the depth of the parts of the kit...I like it very much. But, I thought it needed more I added a third light source on top making it look like a lamp or something. The third light source gave the kit more depth and it looks a bit more like it is in a real old hangar with it's the next photos are more dramatic and realistic...

Obviously I enjoyed taking photos of the kit with the 3 lights set looks a bit more realistic, has more depth and looks a ton more interesting than my usual photos of my kits which are taken outdoors under a shade. However, this mood lighting photos might not work with Gundams, simply coz a lot more people are interested in seeing the details of the Gundam builds, thus most might prefer the usual well lit photography for Gundams. I like this current set up very much though and it is perfect for this kit, coz not much people are interested in looking at the build in plain photos. BTW, the third light source is my Nokia cellphone. hihi

Thanks for viewing! til next post! ;)

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