Saturday, March 13, 2010

ZeroGunz PINOY Groupbuild meetup

Ello guys, I just want to share our PINOY Groupbuild hosted by ZeroGunz. The group build was Rayloke's ( ZeroGunz Admin ) idea...he was telling me to organize one since last year. There were 12 participants but only 5 finished there kits by the deadline. But, the interaction at ZeroGunz during the span of 3 months was fun in itself, thus the first ZeroGunz Pinoy GB is a success. Here were the rules set last December 2009...

1. The participant should be a Filipino member of ZeroGunz

2. Any mech or timeline is allowed

3. The final output should have a clean finish " fresh from the hangar look "

4. The color scheme should be predominantly RED, BLUE or YELLOW...example is the color scheme of Sinanju which is predominantly RED, highlight colors is allowed. 

5. dioramas are allowed but are not required

6. Small token prizes will be given away by our admin Rayloke at the end of the GB to all who participated and also a MG 2009 released kit will be given to the winner of the GB ( I am not part of the judging )

7. The participant is required to have a WIP thread of their build and the naming convention is: PINOY GB MG Kampfer ver ? 01-23-10

8. There should be a group photoshoot at the end of the GB

9. DEADLINE is on March 6, 2010 Saturday

The photos of the people who has finished there kits are not yet compiled in a single forum...but
will do that maybe next week. 7 members who participated ( including me of course ) met today at a shopping mall called Trinoma. The weather is hot so we opted not to meet at my Alma Mater ( University of the Philippines ) and shoot the kits outdoors, instead the focus of the meet up was just to decide who's the winner of the GB and give away Rayloke's gifts to all the participants. BTW, Rayloke's gifts for us were sets of aluminum thrusters and the prize for the winner is a MG Zaku ver 2 " White Ogre " that I got last Bakuc.

We met each other at around 11:30 AM and chatted about Gundams and Gunpla until 5:30 PM...We enjoyed the GB, so we are planning on another one for Bakuc, so stay tuned ;)...Anyways here are some pics...

MatX with his unfinished Kshatriya...the scratch built parts of this build is sick! looks a ton better in person and compliments the design of the mech so much. MatX is known for his scratch building and multi-tone spray painting. He brought his Impaler Sinanju and his Palace Athene in the meetup...and I must say that those builds are ten times better looking in person than in pictures. The scratch built hands of the Palace Athene is totally stunning...simply ABnormal! hahaha

ahhh, obviously Kisapmata's photo is way better than ours! it's his camera anyways!

theghan's unpainted still not finished Zaku...he plans to paint this red and white. theghan BTW is one of my officemates who inspired me to do Gunpla back in January 2008. He won third place in the New Challenger Category of Bakuc 2007. He always does unorthodox and very creative mods. do check his works in ZeroGunz from time to time.

Amir_Anti_Yosi's Tallgeese...great kit with very nice articulation mods. He used MG Strike Noir and MG Freedom for his articulation mods. He needs to work a bit on his panel lining and spray can painting, BUT I like young modelers who are experimenting already on creative mods. I am pretty sure he'll eventually get better in painting as he builds more. Personally I think doing creative mods is more fulfilling than just painting and doing ootb builds for the rest of your modeling life. hahaha

John Davis C's 144 Destiny! I was blown away seeing this huge diorama and the detailing on this very small kit is stunning. His execution is a bit still rough...BUT, John is a 16 year old man! looking forward to this guy's future builds...I am pretty sure he will be doing more creative mods and will improve in his painting eventually. I see the passion put into this piece of work and it looks promising. He is the winner of the GB after all. keep it up bro!

My MG Acguy, just a fat mech from a fat guy.hahaha

This is Amir's little brother is a delight seeing this little piece of work, he totally followed the rule of painting the kit in one of the Philippine flag colors. I think he needs to work on his painting a bit more, but heck, this is his participation in a GB! Exe is another 16 year old modeler and I am looking forward to this guy's future builds. keep up the passion man.

hmmm, Kisapmata's Eva with the "patented pose " hahaha...stunning piece of work! finishing is nice and flawless, panel lining is clean and crisp, and the color scheme is a delight to look at. I have this as the winner if not for the dio of John...I know, dios are not required base on the rules...but I am the organizer so I do decide who's the winner.hahaha...
Looking forward to Kisapmata's future builds...will be seeing more great works from this guy.

Rayloke of ZeroGunz gave us different kinds of sets of Aluminum thrusters! great stuff! Thanks a ton bro Ray and ZeroGunz, can't thank you enough for the support!

The winner is...John David C.'s Intervention Gundam 2.0

Thanks for viewing! til next post! ;)
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