Monday, March 22, 2010

Views Counter malfunction?!?

Ello guys, I feel disturbed this morning, as most of you know I am a blog stats junkie. I basically get my inspiration from the views count I get in my blog everyday. I witnessed my views count growing from an average of 300 hits a day to 1000 hits these days. My views count as of last night, March 21 2010 is 69,860 and I retired around 9 pm last night. Usually around 200 to 400 hits will add up to that number the following morning...BUT NO!
I woke up early today and the first thing I did is start up my mac and check my blog...then I saw in disbelief that I have 209,011... I believe base on the hits trend and comparisons with other blogs that this is impossible for a Gundam site. So what I did is check all the blog sites that I have on my blog roll and saw nothing wrong with their blogs...except bro Toymaker's views count.

I know pretty much all the views counts of my fellow bloggers thus I noticed that Toymaker's views count jumped from 145,000+ to 209,000+ overnight. I Think there is something wrong with the counters, plus the fact that both my blog ( DC23 mech arts ) and bro Toymaker's blog was reset to 209,000.

My blog is pretty much inspired from Toymakers', so we have some similar gadgets in our blog, specially the views counter...this is our current viewscounter - I am not saying that I am certain that there is a malfunction, but I am still in disbelief with my current views count. the problem here is that I do not want to tamper with my current views counter coz it has been installed since the start of this blog ( November 2009 ). So I have faith in the accuracy of the counter but I am just in disbelief.

As a precautionary measure...I have registered to another stats counter. In case I have doubts of my current views count I could always check the statcounter ICON I have in my blog tools at the lower left sidebar of my blog. Here is my stat counter link - DC23 mech arts statcounter

I was looking forward to hitting the century mark...and not being able to hit it and jumped from 69,800+ to 209,000+ is kinda disappointing. If ever it is a malfunction and if it happens again I could now check my stat counter. Anyways this is just a quick non sense post guys! til next post! ;)

UPDATE:  I would love to celebrate hitting the century mark soon, SO I have reset the views count to 69,996...back to where it would / should normally be at this point in time if it was 69,860 last night. I hate looking at the 200,000+ views count, bro toymaker getting 200,000+ is probable, but my blog overtaking his views count is almost impossible. I really feel there was a malfunction or something...hope this never happens again... :(
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