Friday, March 26, 2010

DC23 mech arts facelift II

Ello guys, I just got home an hour ago and tinkered with my blog again. I gave my blog another facelift and I got it from here - blogger-template-designer. Basically this is a new feature by blogger that is a TON and I mean a ton easier than the old templates. It took me roughly 4 months of tinkering with the HTML code of my old template to allow pictures / thumbnails of 550 x 413 to fit in...NOW, it took me an hour to fit in 640 x 400 pics / thumbnails. PLUS, the page links looks really nice, the templates looks really good even if unedited and has so much more customizable features unlike before.

The impression is that blogger is trying to imitate the customization powers of wordpress...I love the new template, now I have to edit the gallery to show bigger pictures. Bigger is always better as they do visit the link above if you have the time, I am 100% sure you'll like the new features of blogger. ;)
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