Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hello guys, here is the work in progress pics of my second commision work which is the MG FAZZ....The original thread is in Zerogunz.com...it reached 8,789 views with 245 comments, the comments/ replies inspired me to push through with the project as usual. I started the wip thread last August 9, 2009 and finished the project and the thread last September 21, 2009.

HERE is the link of the original thread:

ZeroGunz WIP section

HERE is the link of the finished FAZZ:

MG FAZZ ver DC23

AND here are some random pics of the build:

My daughter Samantha, prepping her clay to be put in the dio...

Samantha, analyzing and playing around with the composition of the dio...she is using clay to position the elements....

Diorama with clay as the base ground layer is ready for my Glue + sand mixture...

Again, Samantha applying the sand mixture to the dio...

My eldest daughter Nicole Ashley working with the glue mixture with her sis Samantha...they are dead serious in the middle of a commission work. hihihi

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