Monday, November 16, 2009

" The Final Blow " feat MG Hi Nu Gundam

I finished this build around February 28 2009 and this was my second airbrushed MG and I did a ton of mistakes! First I should never use Nikko primer ( industrial grade ) coz the paint ( Tamiya acrylics ) are not sticking to it as well as when I use Bosny primer grey ( also an industrial grade ). Second, I still suck in airbrushing!...anyways I got lazy modding this kit further thus it became a semi rush job! hope you like it! :)...sorry for dust on the kit and some blurry pics. :)


- added a fin over the head

- extended the chest, crouch and the fett with pla plates

- added tons of pla plates for a layered armor effect

- filed down some leg armor parts to reveal internal detail

- added lots of holes and IC sockets

- replace plastic boosters with aluminum boosters

- added kotobukiya vernier and other option parts

- custom color scheme


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