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Thursday, January 16, 2020

XENOMORPH figure by Alice in Clay

Xenomorph by Alice in Clay photo

I just got myself in the pre-order list of this beautiful xenomorph resin statue, sculpted by Alice in Clay ( facebook link ). 

This beautiful sculpt will be reproduced in resin for just 20 pieces for their first release. Super limited edition. And I am so stoked to get on the pre-order list. 

The final unpainted figure will be around 35cm tall including the base. Roughly this is at 1/6 scale. 

I will be painting this awesome figure with Vallejos ( of course ). This project should be fun!

Do check out Alice in Clay at Facebook, for more updates. 

Xenomorph by Alice in Clay photo

Xenomorph by Alice in Clay photo

Xenomorph by Alice in Clay photo

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