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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Mecha Weathering Workshops with Acrylicos Vallejo

Mecha Weathering Workshops with Acrylicos Vallejo photo

I just closed the registration for my very first FREE Weathering Workshop with Acrylicos Vallejo. 

I announced the FREE Workshop at my Facebook Page last week. 

To be honest, I am not sure if I could do this FREE Workshop again after March 15. I will try very hard to be able to give time to my fellow kababayans ( Philippines ), but my schedule is actually booked until June 2020. 

In fact, my projects ( builds ) are practically booked the whole year. 

Also, I've been teaching ART lessons to kids ages 5 to 13 since October last year ( 2019 ). It has been very fun. We will continue to do Summer ART classes soon. 

The FREE Weathering Workshop with Vallejo Colors is FREE... coz their is nothing more fulfilling than sharing your experience and expertise with others. Gunpla is different than ART classes tho. I will be mentoring adults this time... 

But here is my simple note to myself ( I posted at Facebook earlier )...

Both my parents are retired University Professors. Mom in Chemistry, Dad in Practical Arts ( metal works and stuff ) and Physics. Dad has a woodworking and metal working shop at home. So I know a little bit about metals and rust. 😅
However, they thought me, that once you reach the mentorship role in ANY field. Your goal is...

NOT to IMPRESS your students. 

A mentor's role is to TEACH. 

So while I do have all the @vallejocolors paints at my disposal... 
My painting workshop's goal is to teach how to achieve great results, with the least amount of paints and time. 

ART is achieving masterpieces minus the scientific lessons after all. 
My Vallejo Weathering Workshop on March 15 at my Art Studio is now close. But I will try to give as much workshops to my kababayans as much as my schedule the whole year will permit. 🎨
Lastly, as a mentor... SHARE everything you know. Your students are not competition. You will be proud once they get better than you ( eventually ). 
Happy Weathering fellow #MechaDesigners and Vallejo Painters!

Saludos! ⚙️⚙️⚙️🎨

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