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Saturday, January 4, 2020

HOW TO DO Armor Trimming verDC23 at Youtube

HOW TO DO Armor Trimming verDC23 at Youtube photo

I just uploaded another version of my Armor Trimming tutorial at my month old Youtube channel

This time the kit is my commissioned MG Gunner Zaku Warrior. A beautiful kit albeit the seam lines at the leg and arm parts. 

I kinda found it difficult to shoot ( video ) while doing Gunpla modifications. You are trying to favor towards the camera while cutting with a sharp stencil blade. Also favoring to the camera while drilling holes ( I slipped once ). I think I won't do much videos like this, except if I show a new technique ( at least for me ) or an old technique that I haven't shown in my channel ( like panel line scribing ). 

Anyways, I hope new modelers will find the modifications easy to follow and the video clear enough, or at least more clear than my older RG Sazabi Armor Trimming video. 

Also, I just hit the 9K milestone at Instagram! A ton of thanks to all the follows! 

I truly appreciate it so much! 

More Gunpla and Mecha Designs at all my Social Media accounts ( Twitter, IG, Facebook, Youtube and here )! 


K Following At Instagram photo

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