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Sunday, January 19, 2020



I have shared this at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already. 

But again, Google ignores facebook posts and Facebook posts won't appear or at least are not a priority in Google searches. 

So naturally, I want Google to search this! Hi Google. :D

I am so delighted to announce my partnership / collaboration with this awesome magazine based in UK. 

All, if not most of my Gunpla projects from modifications, painting ( with Vallejo Mecha Colors ) and dioramas will be featured at Fantasy Figures International Magazine. A few notable Gunpla events that I will attend, might also be featured at the magazine. 

The magazine is a bi-monthly magazine and my first contribution / article will be on the April 2020 issue. Keeping what project will be featured at the magazine is kept as a secret for now. 

This is an awesome opportunity to have my humble Gunpla builds published for the very first time ( Internationally at that ). Humble blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts are awesome! But nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your work published on an actual magazine.

I am truly proud as a Filipino Gunpla Modeler for this collaboration. 

When this was made official after a few emails, the feeling was similar when I "luckily" won as BAKUC World Champion back in 2008

Much like my BAKUC win ( and my Paramount movie poster commission last year ), I am the First Filipino again, to be featured at this International magazine. 

I cannot thank all of the people that continue to follow me at all my social media platforms, as you helped made all this possible. Seriously you do! I really cannot thank you ALL enough.

So, THANK YOU TO ALL. Just thank you! 

Until next update fellow Mecha Designers and Vallejo Painters! 



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