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Sunday, October 17, 2021

My Don Suratos Minis and Mecha YOUTUBE Channel

I've been kinda focused on trying to grow my Youtube channel these days. I just finished writing a couple of magazine articles too. One for Fine Scale Modeler Magazine ( my 2nd ) and one for Fantasy Figures International Magazine. September was a crazy busy month and the following months look crazier. 

My Youtube uploading was so sporadic the past year. I skip months of no uploads. But this year, I am more consistent and there are months that I am hyperactive. Like 3 to even 5 uploads a week since August. I was also very active back in March to April, to help promote my Maquina Painting book. 

Youtube is very time consuming. Not really "hard work", as you like what you are doing. But it is very time consuming. Like 10x more time consuming in comparison to blogging. But much like blogging, Youtube is very fun and fulfilling, as you get to share your artworks to many people. 

My daughter NICO, who is into gunpla these days is also very active at Youtube. She has her own channel and is about to reach 1,000 subs! Nico's most recent video upload is crazy good ( super bias Dad here ). She is now getting comfortable at recording her voice. 

Here is the link to one of her videos 👉🏼

That's it! I just wanted to cross post a blog before I start my day. Just enjoy the hobby guys! Ignore gatekeepers and clowns. 🤪


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