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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BAKUC WORLD CHAMPION 2008 Open Level Category

Hello guys, this will be my first blog...I call this diorama " coup d 'etat "...but people pretty much know this as donc's yellow Kampfer.

BAKUC or Bandai Action Kit Universal Cup is an international competition sponsored by BANDAI itself. This was my entry last Bakuc here in the Philippines, It was my first time to join Bakuc and I luckily won the Open Pro Level Category. After winning in your country, modellers who are winners in there respective countries will then compete in Hong Kong for the BAKUC finals. I also won the Finals in Hongkong and this kit is the Grand Bakuc World Champion...First time for the Philippines. :).

" Coup de etat " is the title of the dio, The new MS ( Kampfer ) attacked a defenseless hangar in which a Zeong is currently being repaired, thus it was an easy victory for the Kampfer ( thus not a lot of weathering for the Kampfer and a super damaged effect for the Zeong ). Hope you enjoy the pics and sorry for some blurry pics. :)

Thanks for viewing! ;)

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