Monday, November 9, 2009

BAKUC Philippines 2009 part 1

Hello guys, BAKUC Philippines has just concluded...Really great competition this year and I personally think it is a step forward compared to previous Bakucs in terms of number of quality entries from Juniors, New challenger and Pro/Open category. Bright future for the gunpla scene here in the Philippines I think. PLUS, there is an Expert category this time since I don't know when...I think BAKUC Philippines does not have an Expert category before. Great entries from our experts/masters...I will be joining the Expert guys next year, so no trips to Bakuc finals for me now.

It was first time for me to exhibit my old works specially my BAKUC Grand/World Champion entry - Kampfer. It was really flattering to see people flocking at my kampfer and taking pictures of it. Here are some pics of the event...

Here are some pics of the really cool kits from the Mechapinoy guys...actually we see these kits in all gunpla events because Mechapinoy is a partner of Bankee which is the official partner of Bandai here in the Philippines.

And here are some random event'll see in the pics tons of people from Mechapinoy, pics of me with a few of them...Nath -tall,long hair, Fritz in red shirt, Sidorb - thin guy in red and white stripe shirt, mdgelo in white shirt and michael tan - guy with glasses....and maybe a few more people. BTW, I am the one who won silver in the Pro/Open the fat guy in blue with the silver trophy is me...special thanks to master Nathaniel Barrera for carrying my heavy, all 3.5 kilogram of my entry to the stage....THANKS man!

BTW, this is my I am so itchy to go back to doing UC Zeon kits just like my DOM...and I am very itchy to try my hand on working on the Quebley and do an evolve type much like toymaker's. I will never do Seed kit again...too challenging to make it look good, lot's of mods and it still looks unimpressive for me. oh, that's my lone silver trophy...I wanted to discard it last night coz I don't like it.hehehe...but realized this morning it actually looks good along my other 2 gold trophies last a variation of some sort to my trophy case...hahaha.

will do a BAKUC Philippines part 2 with all the entries...
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