Monday, November 9, 2009

" The Graveyard " - DC23

edit: This diorama won in the first HobbyLink Japan - Tomopop Gundam 2010 competition in the Best in Diorama category ( August 27, 2010 ).

Hello guys, this was my entry in the recently concluded Bakuc Philippines 2009...As I've said before, I am NOT a seed fan actually...I am more of a Zeon UC fan. However, I decided to work on this kit because this will be really challenging for me...

REASONS why this will be challenging for me:

1. I am more comfortable in modding and super-detailing Zeon UC kits...simply because you can't go wrong with modding Zeon MSs ( e.g. my Kampfer and DOM )...I mean bore large holes on a gundam or seed gundam - imagine then what it would look like...UGLY most likely ( not sure though - have not tried it yet ).

2. I love Eday's work...but I thought I have to design or think of something different. But, I really love his piston mods...well, who doesn't!

3. I s*ck in scratch building...but I realized I have to SB something for this kit, to make it look a bit more special, plus a bit more competitive.

PLUS, I think a lot of modellers will be working on a Unicorn Gundam or Sinanju or even a Unicorn v.s. I think opting for a less popular but new kit would be fresher ( hopefully )

Okay, those thoughts was way back before starting the build ( roughly 3 months ago )...I feel I failed to produce a nice seed kit coz I only got silver this year....hehehe, honestly not my preferred chemical element.hihi...BTW, the 3 kits in the dio namely the Impulse, gunner Zaku and the MG freedom were my 1st, 2nd and 3rd gunpla. So I had no qualms of damaging I might never do another seed kit again...too much effort and mods and still it does not look impressive...Oh well, moving on and going back to UC kits now.



Two years after Chairman Durandal was killed and the end of the "Destiny Plan", The Earth Alliance, ZAFT and the Orb union is no longer at war. The old mobile suits were restored and were guarded heavily by a small Zaft force in Heliopolis II, A small space colony named after the fallen Heliopolis. However, a new terrorist organization named Red Cosmos stole two old mobile suits and engaged a fierce battle with Zaft soldiers, Using the old mobile suits ZGMF - 1000/A1 Gunner Zaku Warrior and ZGMF - X56S/a - Force Impulse Gundam. The Zaft forces then used the ZGMF - X10A Freedom Gundam to exterminate the terrorist forces. The ZAFT forces eventually won but the fierce battle left the three mobile suits un-operational again.

After the incident, the Earth Alliance, ZAFT and the Orb union agreed not to restore these old mobile suits again and agreed to tolerate only one mobile suit per government. The agreement was called "Valentine policy" and it left the mobiles suits rusting in the battle field.

Ten years after the controversial battle, the "Valentine policy" and 12 years after the death of Chairman Durandal, A small private company is currently salvaging parts from these old mobile suits for whatever reason unknown to the three governments, when a new unclassified mobile suit arrives and is about to land at the salvaging site.

I am itchy to start my Evo series of Zeon UC kits and also a couple of solomon express projects inspired by Beckylaw's RX and Mr.Gumballs DOM...anyways here are the pics of my BAKUC 2009 entry...

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