Monday, February 13, 2017

First Gundam Inspired ART

First Gundam Inspired ART photo

Just did a quick Gundam inspired sketch last night. I made them available as an 8 x 10 digital print at the ONLINE SHOP today!

Although I am still busy with a few commissioned drawings and a series of character design gigs, I plan to produce a series of Gundam Inspired ART as soon as I can. All of which will be available as digital prints at the ONLINE SHOP as soon as I finish them.

Me and wifey are still sorting out the details on how to offer high quality shirts with reasonable pricing. Once we have sort out the details, shirts with unique illustrations will be available at the online shop too!

Do check out the ONLINE SHOP for digital prints you might fancy!

Thanks as always for dropping by! Stay tuned guys! CIAO!

First Gundam Inspired ART photo

First Gundam Inspired ART photo

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