Sunday, July 17, 2016

Work SMART, NOT Work Hard

Work Smart NOT Work Hard photo

The past few weeks has been one of the most challenging of my adult life. So many realizations and I also got to know the true value of the people around me. Saying that the past few weeks were life changing weeks is an understatement. A major understatement.

I cannot share details about my struggles the past few weeks, other than a few bullet points I could share to kids or younger people. Feel free to disagree, but below are life lessons I learned...
  • Always stay CALM. Calmness will help you through anything. A level headed mind will let you sort through the situation much better, than a mind in chaos.
  • Hear your thoughts but also listen to your heart. Our mind will almost always tell us the correct things to do. But our heart will tell us the right things to do.
  • Learn to DISCERN well. Everybody have there own motives, good or bad. It is natural for people to push what they want. May it be driven out of jealousy or passion. 
  • Beware of SELF-RIGHTEOUS  people. These people are either too dumb to weigh options, or too hurt in life, to think and decide well.
  • Beware of INSECURE people. These people are usually under-achieving people or people without REAL VALUE to other people. They are mostly concerned of what other people think of themselves, as they usually lack the confidence or the reputation. 
  • Always see the POSITIVE in every situation. Always amplify the GOOD and ignore the DUMB.
  • Lastly, work SMART, NOT work hard. Pace yourself, give more than expected but never too much. NOT everyone will appreciate your hard work. In fact, a few might even find your passion, too much. A few might think that your drive makes them look DUMB and LAZY. 
So that's basically it! I hope a few will find this helpful. Now let's go back to our normal programming! See you again soon! Just enjoy anything that you do! CIAO!