Saturday, July 16, 2016


MORE BLOGGING Coming Soon Photo

So it has been almost a year since I last posted something here. It has been a very CRAZY year for me so far. Crazy up and down stuff. So much realization and so much appreciation for all the blessings. Don't want to get dragging with life lessons and such, for my first post, so just wanted to say I AM BACK!

Will be posting a ton of stuff from now on. I just got meself a nice 27 inch iMAC for all the stuff I have to do at home. I will be posting all my projects here in my blog for documentation. I will post some miniature painting stuffs, illustrations, drawings and other ART and CRAZY stuff! This little space will be so active again.

Will never post about my day job tho. Posts will be mostly focused on my hobby and various commissioned works. I might also get back to painting Gunpla, mainly to test some cool acrylics paints for Acrylicos Vallejo.

Anyways, hope to share a lot the next few from now on! See you more guys!