Friday, March 13, 2015

Warmachine Hordes Unit Painting Contest @Facebook

Warmachine Hordes Unit Painting Contest @Facebookphoto

Organized by Shoshie Bauer at the Warmachine/Hordes Painting group page at Facebook. The contest is being sponsored by...

and the top three entries will get bronze, silver and gold coins. All entrants gets a chance to get picked for a voucher from the!

I love the Warmachine/Hordes Painting group at Facebook, super talented miniature painters all over the world wide web that paints some Warmachine and Hordes models from Privateer Press. Inspiring works. The contest was organized to push everyone to paint those tedious units ( painting 3 to more ), that are usually boring, unlike painting solos, warbeasts, warjacks, warlocks, and warcasters.

I will try to join myself and this would be my first miniature painting competition. Hope to see you at the closed group at Facebook at...