Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vallejo Liquid Gold in review

The Vallejo Liquid Gold ( VLG ) is not acrylic unlike most of Vallejo's line of paints. VLG is alcohol based and is made of "real" metal pigments. According to Vallejo, never add water to the paints as the metal components will rust! I do not want to test this and waste a bottle of VLG. I might try rusting a drop of VLG on my mixing dish to see though.

I used my "rich gold" VLG on the forearm cables of my MG Zeta Karaba project and it was awesome! The paint dries faster than Vallejo acrylics but applies with a brush really well. Build up on thin layers as usual to produce a very nice smooth finish. Just wait a few seconds ( 30 seconds ) before each coat. The paint dries in a few minutes and it dries super smooth and super thin! 

Vallejo claims VLG paints will dull after applying topcoat ( varnish ) so they advise to use it after the topcoat. Vallejo claims that these paints dries really strong thus there is really no need to topcoat. A few drops dried on my mixing dish and I must say that the paints are really strong! I had a bit of hard time scraping it off my plastic mixing dish than scraping off acrylic paints.

Again, this is alcohol base and will rust with water. So have a separate alcohol dish to clean your brush and have a separate set of brushes while using these paints. I will be using my cheap "Momiji" synthetic acrylic brushes for these paints and will never use my expensive natural "Kolinsky" brushes! I used a cheap de-natured alcohol found in hardware stores as thinner but you could also use 99% alcohols found in pharmacy shops.

The Vallejo liquid gold paints are way brighter and more metallic looking than any acrylic metallic paints. But I want you to try a bottle for yourself and see the difference. I will be testing this with an airbrush soon... and if it flows well with my airbrush, I think I will never ever use lacquer paints ever again!!! 

Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! 

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