Friday, January 16, 2015

6 HOUR Hand Painting Challenge

I wanted to see how slow I am with painting miniatures. I needed to gauge my speed as I plan to build an army and continue to collect these little buggers. As it is obvious by now, I am very very moody! I ride my mood whichever I want to do in any given time. I will work on Gunpla commissioned works this weekend, just had to scratch the itch of painting some minis yesterday and today.

I love painting minis as it feels nostalgic! I am an artist since I was a kid and holding a brush and tediously hand painting the little details makes me feel like a kid again. I hope to be good with hand painting... it feels more artistic than blowing paints from a metal gun ( very same reason why I love weathering my Gunpla as I get to hand paint them ). I hope to be better in hand painting may it be Gunpla or minis as I hope to adopt hand painting as my middle name ( lol ).

Anyways, I did a personal challenge yesterday. I had to spend quality holiday time with the kids and wife for the better part of the day and we got home around 5pm. I then thought of what I could paint and how much I could hand paint in 6 hours ( 6pm to midnight ) to see how slow or fast I could paint. I am not after high level quality hand painting here as I am targetting to improve my hand painting speed.

Anyways as expected, I am a bit slow. Kinda productive as I forced myself to work on some old Warmachine and I got to practice some brush weilding skills.

The models were primed using Red Vallejo surface primer way back... I just had to add highlights to the details. I used Orange Fire as highlights, Hot Orange as midtones and Bloody Red to blend everything together and make the color transitions smoother. I basicaly managed to finish the Red base color in 6 hours.

Then I had to disassemble the models as I find it really hard to brush on some hard to reach areas. I painted with my Game Color Negro Black as the base for the metallics later. I was not able to finish painting the black / metallic parts. I am so dang slow... will get back on working on these models today and try to finish them ( I doubt I could ). 

No more work in progress photos for now... but hope to post the completed models soon! Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! 

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