Sunday, January 11, 2015

DC23mecharts hashtag and feature

GET FEATURED @Instagram 

Although I will try to continue to feature people at my blog as much as I can. I find it more difficult to blog in my iPhone as the Blogger App compresses the photos to smaller uglier sizes. 

So I thought featuring your works at my Instagram account will be much much easier. You do NOT need to email me the photos... 

Just post your Instagram account with your awesome work at our Facebook GROUP page below...

and If the quality of the photoshoot is good enough, I will immediately post one photo of your work with your Instagram account name. I currently have 4k followers at Instagram and featuring your work might get you the same awesome followers. 

Featured builds at Instagram also gets automatic feature on the middle part of my blog ( thru the snap widget ) and IG people who uses my hashtag #dc23mecharts will get their posts featured at the top of this blog... automatic double feature! 

This is just my own little way of featuring very talented modelers all around and my own little way of giving back for posting your awesome works at my Facebook Group Page! Thanks a ton for the support guys! Let's just enjoy the hobby and inspire each other! 

Keep posting those awesome works!

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