Thursday, January 8, 2015

Some Vallejo Acrylic Supplies to Test

Some Vallejo Acrylic Supplies to Testphoto

I needed to re-stock my Vallejo supplies as I have so many projects to do. So I got myself some supplies today and a few Vallejo stuffs to test. I have a few or most of the Vallejo pigments, washes and Inks already and I am expecting a whole set of Vallejo Game Air soon... So I thought of testing the Vallejo Liquid Gold and Silver range ( alcohol base ) and the White Stone Liner.

I am also suppose to get a THINNING MEDIUM to slow down the drying process ( during hand painting ) of my Vallejo acrylic paints. A slower drying time means better or longer control of the flow of the paint. The slower drying time should be great for creating those rain and rust streaks on weathered models. I figured the MATT MEDIUM should work about the same as the thinning medium. If not will experiment on using the Matt Medium with my Vallejo pigments instead.

Other than the usual AIRBRUSH THINNER that acts as an acrylic retarder to convert non-Air paints for airbrushing, I also got a huge 200ml bottle of SURFACE PRIMER. Much like the Vallejo Varnishes, I love the surface primer so much as they dry fast, dry smooth and thin and strong enough to bind with the plastic surface. Vallejo claims that their surface primers are also suitable for RESIN kits, and metal ( I have tried it on pewter and it cures as hard as rock after a couple of months ), but I have yet to try them on resin kits. Will do test this surface primer on a resin kit soon.

The WHITE STONE LINER should work as a nice ( maybe stronger ) alternative to Tamiya White Putty. Vallejo claims it contains marble dust and white titanium paint and that it cures to a very hard solid material ( marble hard most likely ). Unlike the Tamiya putty, the white stone liner is water soluble so clean up is easier. Both can be sanded and shaped once dry ( 30 minutes or so after application ). What I like with this putty type product of Vallejo is the bottle! Much like their paints, the bottle design will prevent curing and hardening and if you use it as a putty, it is easier to apply as it has a really narrow snout to dispense.

Vallejo Acrylicphoto

The LIQUID GOLD paints from Vallejo looks like and shines like real metal!

The Vallejo liquid gold series claims to contain real metal pigments. Thus these paints are TOXIC and are ALCOHOL base ( not water base ). Contact with water will RUST the paints! So a separate set of brushes should be used and clean up with 99% alcohol after use. Interesting that Vallejo warns as that the paints will rust in contact with water, this could look really cool as you get to produce real rust ( will also test this feature ). However Vallejo claims that after curing ( a few minutes as these paints dry really fast ), these paints are very strong and will not require sealing of type of varnish.

Vallejo Liquid Goldphoto

I am so excited to test these super metallic paints on piston parts and other details. I bought 3 bottles today. I got the Rich Gold, Copper and Silver ( more like Chrome ) colors!

I will be putting up separate posts of each of these Vallejo products once I have tested them! Hope you find this post helpful? Until next post guys! Just enjoy the hobby! :)

Some Vallejo Acrylic Supplies to Testphoto

Some Vallejo Acrylic Supplies to Testphoto

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