Sunday, December 14, 2014

Best ACRYLIC paints in the market!

Best Acrylic paints in the market that is so easy to access! You could get them at any Deovir shops ( SM North, SM Megamall ) and come in the widest range of colors!

Hand Painting is so easy, It's like cheating! - @_syrup_

Vallejos have been used by so many established high level modelers and miniature painters around the world. They  have super high pigment counts, dries to a smooth very matte finish and are non toxic! I use them for hand painting and airbrush painting and they smell like a freshly picked rose in your garden (lol)! 

Paints are investments for any modeler and they do not come cheap! So why invest ( or experiment ) on other acrylic paints that are not easy to access and have very little range of colors? Some acrylic paints are almost impossible to hand paint and some are a pain in the arse for airbrush use.

Vallejos have so many different types of paint... they have Model Color, Model Air, Panzer Aces, Game Color, Game Ink, Game Air, Pigments, Varnishes and so much more. 

Unlike popular belief that acrylic paints are weaker than lacquer paints... well, experiment on a piece of plastic (primed piece of plastic), paint with any Vallejo paint, give a nice coat of varnish and let fully cure for a few weeks... voila! hard as an eggshell paint that holds its brilliance through time. Hey, miniature painters use these paints and they handle there minis during play very often, so why doubt the durability of these paints?

Anyways as I've said, paints are investments ( try not to waste money on unproven acrylic paints guys ). So I will try to explain as briefly and clearly all the Vallejo paints that I am using. 

First of all, all Vallejo paints are non-toxic, durable, brilliant, has high pigment count, self -leveling, AB friendly ( use Vallejo airbrush thinner and cleaner ), water soluble and yet water proof and dries to a very smooth and thin finish!

Below I will breakdown the kinds of Valllejo paints that I have been using for so many years now...


Model Color is the flagship range of Vallejo. It has a whopping 218 colors! The high pigment count is perfect for hand painting and are formulated for general modeler use. You could use these paints for airbrushing aswell. Dillute to as low as 2:10 paint to water ratio, put a couple of drops of Vallejo airbrush thinner ( yes, just a couple to 4 drops of Vallejo thinner for a smoother more flowy consistency ), mix well then airbrush almost like Model Air!


Model Air is specially formulated for airbrush use. The pigments are microscopic for better coverage and smoother airbrush friendly consistency. High pigment count means you could go as low as 3:10 paint to water ratio for some colors of this range. Contains resin for a very durable, hard and resilient finish ( even without varnish ).


Panzer Aces comes in 48 colors and has the same formulation and properties of Model Color. The Panzer Aces range was specially designed by Panzer Aces Magazine for ease of painting the uniforms, vehicles, camo patterns and even fleshtones of World War II model kits. 


The most durable, resilient and almost impossibly strong Game Color! The Game Color contains a special resin as these paints were designed for use with fatasy miniature models. The range has super bright matte finishes and the colors are so brilliant and resistant to scratches. These paints are even designed to adhere to both plastic and metal! Unbelievable high pigment count makes it seem magical during hand painting.

That is about it guys! I might put up another post regarding the wide range of Vallejo washes, effects paints, texture paints, and varnishes... but hopefully this post is helpful to people who are looking to invest on modeling paints.

I highly recommend these Vallejo acrylic paints so much, experiment on other acrylic paints for hand painting and airbrushing on your own peril ( lol ). I use these kinds of paints together, you could all use them for both hand painting and airbrushing ( just use Vallejo airbrush thinner and cleaner as stated above ). Great stuff guys! I have been using them for years and excited once I reach a decade of using them! 

Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! just enjoy the hobby!
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